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Sunday Schedule December 17, 2017

9:15 a.m.-The Connection
9:30 a.m.-Sunday School 
10:30 a.m.-ONE Service Cantata (Sanctuary)
5:00 P.M. Buzzy Clayton SS Class Party (Fellowship Hall)


  1. Come to the cantata “Invitation to a Miracle” presented by our Chancel Choir and orchestra – – – 10:30 am – – – this Sunday!!!
  2. Our next Sunday will also be a single service in the gym at 10:30 and we want everyone to end the year with a happy heart.
  3.  Brother Tim will be presenting a book review on Hidden Christmas at the Union County Library this Tuesday, December 19. The Friends of the Library invite guests to come at 11:30 for a light lunch, with the presentation scheduled to begin at noon. We know it will be enjoyable & entertaining!



02-Tana Ranager
03-Mike Beam
03-Jackson Yurkow
04-Caroline King
05-Jack Herrington, Sr.
05-Martha Addie Robbins
06-Mary Spencer Little
06-Martha Frances Monroe
06-Janis Sanders
06-Ava Swords
07-Frank Madden
08-Erin Michael Carter
08-Lance Evans
10-Mary Ann Herrington
10-Wanda Johnson
12-Landon Evans
12-Alex Ferrell
12-Anne Shirley
12-Susan McClelland
12-Lewis Yurkow
12-Landon Evans
12-Fiona Brooks
13-Paula Hodge
15-Ben McDonough
15-John Holt Waldrop
17-Ryli Brown McQuary
18-Curt Langley
19-Kenny M. Owen
19-Tommy Sappington
20-Joan Smith
20-Lael Gooch
20-Lois Spiese
20-Tom McDonough
20-Cecelia Pullman
20-Jay Patton
20-Owen Grace Swords
21-Bob Gates
21-J. D. Campbell
23-Robert Ballard
23-Betty Rogers Inis
24-Anne Holmes
24-O.G. Thomas
24-John Walker Christ
26-Vickie Pruett
26-Samantha Grissett
27-Cheri Hobson
27-Carolyn Houston
27-Lilly Shannon
27-Curtis Greer
28-Jim Aldridge
28-Baylee Street
29-Rita Robbins
29-Joe Wilson
30-Paul Welborn, III
30-Sylvie Russell


07-Bill & Gayle Rutledge
08-Steve & Anne Shirley
09-Roy & Melanie Bright
09-Allen & Gracie Jackson
09-Timmy & Mary Morgan Little
10-Brian & Jane Wiegartner
18-Bob & Martha Monroe
18-Buddy & Sabrina Hall
21-Robert & Betty Godbold