FUMC New Albany | 207 East Bankhead | New Albany, MS 38652 | (662) 534-2206

Sunday School Classes


Children’s Classes

Nursery (Young Adult Classroom – First Floor)
Toddler-2 Year Old Class (Fellowship Hall – First Floor)
3-4 Year Old Class (Fellowship Hall – First Floor)
Kindergarten-2nd Grade Class (Youth Suite)
3rd-4th Grade Class (Youth Suite)
5th-6th Grade Class (Youth Suite)

Youth Classes

7th-8th Grade Class (CLC)
9th-10th Grade Class (CLC)
11th-12th Grade Class (CLC: Associate Pastor’s Office)

Adult Classes

Young Adult [ages 20-35]
(Main Building: Library [2nd Floor])
New Life Class [ages 35-65]
(Main Building: Choir Room [3rd Floor])
Woodrick Jubilee Class [ages 30-50]
(Main Building: Open Doors Classroom [3rd Floor])
Salt and Light Class [ages 25-50]
(Old Fellowship Hall [1st Floor])
Joe Davis Fellowship Class [ages 35-60]
(CLC: UMW Classroom [2nd Floor])
Marjorie Houston Women’s Class [ages 55-85]
(Main Building: Marjorie Houston Classroom [1st Floor])
Women’s Saber Class [ages 25-55]
(Main Building: Hand-Bell Room [2nd Floor])
Buzzy Clayton Class [ages 55-80]
(CLC: Buzzy Clayton Classroom [2nd floor])
Hugh Clayton Men’s Class [ages 55-85]
(Main Building: Hugh Clayton Classroom [1st Floor])
Emma Rogers Friendship Class [ages 60-80]
(Main Building: Emma Rogers Friendship Classroom [1st Floor])

“Our mission is to equip people for their spiritual journey, to help extend the caring spirit of Jesus both near and far, and to empower people for service and life.”