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Welcome to February

We were certainly blssed with another wonderful day of worship this past Sunday. Special thanks go to Rachel Rainey, our Chancel Choir and Martha Francis Monroe for their music. Thanks also go to Frank Madden, our new Lay Leader, for leading the 8:45am service and to Rev. Greg Spencer, pastor at First Baptist Church Of New Albany, for preaching for that service. I also want to say a word of thanks to our Flock committee and our staff for all of their work for this week’s Flock. We continue to have great programs, fellowship and meals at these events and we have a great group that gives so much of their time to make that happen. Due to an emergency I was not able to attend but I hear that Martha Frances and Lance were just incredible.

I want thank our Embrace Leadership Team, the Embrace Praise Band and Greg Smith for all of their work on Embrace’s twoyear birthday party this past week. The worship stage was completely raime and our Visitor Table and Coffee Station were both updatai as well. We had strong attendance for this event and we heard wonderful te<imonies from several of our church members. This Sunday, February 7, is always one of the highlights of our year as a church. It is always a joy and an encouragement to hear testimoniæ from our seniors and to see ho.” Christ and our church have influencai and shapai their lives. We always neai to be in worship but I am pleading with you to be here this Sunday to support them and also to be blessai by what they will share To give the seniors plenty of time to share their testimonies, we will move our monthly celebration of holy communion to the following Sunday, Fåruary 14. We are several weeks away from our Sunday School Teacher Appreciatial Sunday but I want to go ahead and make yet another pitch to you about being in a Sunday School class. Not only do we all need to be growing in our faith and kno.vledge through the lessons but, just as importantly, we neai to be a part of a group. We have experiencai much loss and illnæs in recent months in our church I have been blessed to watch classes surround their class members with great love and care. I realize that our church dos a good job of caring for everyone whether they are in a class or but I have also heard several testimonies from people who talked about how important their class was in difficult days. Classes are a great way to encourage others in their faith, to be grown in your own faith, to aperience the care of Christ and to give the care of Christ. Please commit being a part Of a Sunday School class. (id bless. Sæ you Sunday!