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The Pastor’s Pen

This past Sunday we had a ONE Service. I’ve told many that I struggle with ONE Services because they are often poorly-attended. But I was happy to see that we really came out for this one! Here are a couple of takeaways from Sunday…

We love and support our youth. Indeed, the reason we had a ONE Service in the first place was to help the youth with their annual Thanksgiving Feast fundraiser. Amy Whiteside did a superb job with the food, and we had a delicious fellowship meal after church. The youth raised over $2,750, and a good time was had by all. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success!

It was nice worshiping in a fuller sanctuary. In fact, did you notice the congregational singing? It was marvelous! When we are intentional about our worship attendance, it makes a big difference. Remember when you come to church, you are part of the great chorus that blesses God and everyone else in attendance!

Thomas Toole is an excellent preacher. As he began to unpack the subjects of faith and salvation, I was impressed by his command of theology. Thomas’ preaching made an impact on the gathered congregation, too, as many of you sent me a message letting me know what a fine job he did. As Thomas prepares for a career in the pastorate, it’s important for our church to continue to give him preaching opportunities. He’s a great one!

One more thing…

We have 25 pledges from this year that have not been returned for 2019. Our community of faith is only as healthy as our members are faithful. If you haven’t completed an estimate of giving card for 2019, will you please do so? Materials are available at the entrances to the sanctuary, or you can simply call the church office and speak with Judy or Martha.

I look forward to seeing where God leads us in 2019. The more people fully-invested the higher we will soar!