WHEN: 2nd Sunday of the month at 8:00

WHERE: Fellowship Hall, 1st Floor

WHEN: 6:00 after G.A.P. Supper

WHERE: CLC aka The Gym, 1st Floor

WHEN: Thursday Mornings at 10:00

WHERE: U.M.W. Room – 2nd Floor


Names: Swift Rogers; Laura Bostwick; Jenny Davis; Mary Libby Harrison; Anne Shirley; Sandra Owens

Names: Ninabeth Capaning; Caroline Cole

Names: Phylis Boatwright; Caroline Boatwright; Tom Potter

Names: Mary Libby Harrison; Blake Burcham

Names: Billye Jean Stroud; John Stroud

Names: Jennifer Beam; Jan McMillin; Mike Beam (front); Martha Rainey; Jean Dillard; Carol Talley (middle); Mary Webb; Jamie Bramlitt; Judy Wilbanks (back); Tom Potter

Names: Jennifer Beam; Mike Beam

Names: Lou Ann Staggs

Names: Jennifer Beam; Ida Wallace; Will Wallace; Judy Wilbanks

Names: Ida Wallace

Names: Lou Ann Staggs; Will Wallace

Names: Jan McMillin; Britt Smith; Mike Beam

Names: Mark Elroy; Clyde Parks; Lisa James

Names: Jennifer Beam; Jean Dillard; Tom Potter

Names: Martha Rainey; Martha Gault

Names: Sandra Owens

Names: Clyde Parks; Mark Elroy

Names: Will Wallace; Ida Wallace

Names: Judy Wilbanks; Lou Ann Staggs

Classes & Locations:

Friendship – 1st Floor – Classroom 1

1st Floor – Classroom 2

1st Floor – Classroom 3

2nd Floor – Classroom

2nd Floor – Classroom

2nd Floor – Classroom

2nd Floor – Classroom

2nd Floor – Classroom