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E-Note for Tuesday, November 22

Good Morning, Friends, and welcome to this week’s E-Note! I know I said I wouldn’t have an E-Note today, but the truth is I’m so thankful for God’s blessings that I can’t help but share it with you! I’m so thankful for my life. And my wonderful wife, Shannon. And my grown sons, Caleb and Jesse. […]

E-Note for Tuesday, November 15

Good Morning, Friends! I hope this week’s E-Note finds you well. Heads up, we won’t have an E-Note next week. “The Sermon on the Amount” A family had been to church and was sitting in their favorite restaurant after the service. They began making observations about the worship service. The Father said, “Wow, that sermon was […]

E-Note for Tuesday, November 8

Sorry folks, a little technical glitch this week! Good Morning, Friends, and welcome to this week’s E-Note! There’s a bluegrass song which I really like called “The Next Right Thing”  The chorus, which applies directly to all things Christian, especially stewardship, says, I’ve tried to pick and choose, Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, But […]

E-Note for Tuesday, November 1

Good Day, dear ones, and welcome to the first E-Note of November! In the Summer of ’83 I worked as part of a seining crew on a large catfish operation. Like most things that are aquaculture-related, it’s much more complicated than it looks like it would be! Before we ever got to “get wet”, before […]

E-Note for Tuesday, October 18

Good Morning, Friends! I hope you are all well today! Somewhere in my reading, I came across this quote: Death is always following us; sometimes it flips on its headlights.’ That happened to me one hot July afternoon. I was a teenager, working on a cattle/hay/catfish farm. I was driving an old McCormick 806 tractor. […]

Informational Meeting Monday Night

Hello, members and friends of FUMC, I’ve heard some folks say they’re not in­terested in attending our Information Meeting about Disaff­iliation Monday Night (6:30) because they think it’ll be a debate/sho­uting match. It won’t be. Here are two reasons why. First, because for two mon­ths the Administrati­ve Council, at my re­quest, has bathed this gath­ering […]