E-Note for Wednesday, July 6

Good Morning, Friends, and welcome to this week’s E-Note! 

I hope your Fourth was a wonderful day.


The other day I was in the Pastor’s Study, moving books onto bookshelves. Now, I had noticed that the second shelf was tilted a little toward the left front. I ignored that, however.

After putting 10 or 12 books on the shelf, all was OK. The next book to go on the shelf, however, was my NIV Study Bible. I put it in place and turned my back for the next book.




You can’t make this stuff up, folks. The Holy Bible caused all the other books to come tumbling down!


“If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” (Jesus, John 8:31-32, NRSV)


Notice this, friends. I was on a fool’s errand, piling books on a shelf I knew couldn’t sustain the weight. Then the Bible caused the avalanche which then allowed me to FIX what was wrong (the front left pin was missing under the shelf) so things could work out.


John Lennon sang, “Gimme some Truth.”

Colonel Nathan Jessep shouted, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Jesus says, “Stay in my Word and you’ll know the truth, and be set free by it.”


And He should know. Because even from an early age, God’s Word (only the Old Testament, at that point in history) was on Jesus’ reading list! Familiarity with God’s Scripture allowed Jesus the ability to see problems and come up with solutions.  And, Lo and Behold, Jesus found himself able to stand up to political pressure, temptation, and even satan himself.

Gee, I wonder if the two are related…


How familiar are you with God’s Word? Is there a problem you’re currently ignoring?

The answer, even if it involves some work, is in God’s Word.

In Joy,


Great Job, all of you who worked to make Camp Sonshine a success! What a wonderful community outreach to children who clearly appreciated it!


Thanks, Tana Ranager, for helping out with the sermon last Sunday!


Thank you for the flower arrangement in our honor, Buzzy Clayton Sunday School Class. Just gorgeous!


And Thanks also to all of you who registered your attendance in the pew pads on Sunday. It’ll be a big help to Corey and Me, and it’s also an important way to welcome guests to our church!


Thanks are also due to all of you who have made the Potters’ arrival in New Albany such a great experience. Thanks for your gifts of time, friendship, and generosity.


Please remain in prayer for our United Methodist Youth (and Thomas, and their adult counselors) as they participate in M28, a powerful event in our own Lake Junaluska Assembly, North Carolina. New Associate Pastor to Youth and Families Rev. Corey Truett and I saw them off early Sunday morning. It made us wish we could go back to Lake J, too! Our group will return home on Thursday.


We look forward to hearing reports during worship from our Mission Team to Costa Rica soon!


As we at FUMC re-evaluate our presence on social media (particularly our http://www.fumcnewalbany.com webpage and Facebook pages), please be patient. We’ll get there.


Our Embrace service will return next Sunday at 9:00 in the gym. I can’t wait to worship with y’all!


Men’s Breakfast meets next Sunday, July 10, at 8:00. Guys, join us for this disciple-making opportunity!


Next Sunday we’ll continue our sermon series “The Real Face of Grace” by looking at Justifying Grace (Romans 4:1-12, Matthew 8:5-13). Spoiler alert: Justifying Grace makes it “Just as IF I’D never sinned before! Be sure to be in God’s house, physically or digitally.


Upcoming Attractions

>FUMC Staff Meeting, Tuesday, July 12, 2:00. We need every staff person, full time and part time, who can possibly make it!

>Mississippi Annual Conference meets in person (!) and by live streaming, July 13-15. To stream, go to www.mississippi-umc.org. or the Mississippi Conference Facebook page.

>Christmas in July will make a brief presentation of their work in both worship services on Sunday, July 17. We will also receive a special offering for their important ministry to our community. Please plan to be prayerfully generous.

>Back-to-School Kickoff will be Wednesday, August 10, from 6:00-7:30 pm. Stay Tuned.

>Wednesday Night activities will resume on August 17th. My Pastor-Led Bible Study will be entitled “Ten from Gen:10 Great Stories from the Book of Genesis”.


Well, Campers, that’s about it for the moment. Have a great day, stay hydrated, and remember,


With Truth comes Freedom, but with Freedom comes Responsibility.