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From the Pastor

Dear Church Family,

            We continue to have wonderful days of worship together. Special thanks go to Allyson Chapin and Emma Grace Reid for their music the 8:45am service, to our Chancel Choir who sang one of my favorite anthems, to our Embrace Praise Team and to our Handbell Choir who bless us but also mesmerize us by all the various ways that they can make music with the handbells.

            As you have read on the front page of this newsletter, Rev. Tim Prather and his wife, Cheryl, had their Covenant Meeting with our Staff Parish Relations Committee this past Monday night. They were very excited about our church, the parsonage, the elementary school and our town. Let’s all be praying regularly for Tim and his family as they finish their ministry in Purvis and as they prepare to be our church’s pastoral family in late June.

            With the upcoming transition in mind, let’s all do our best to be present for our worship services. Not only do we have some important services, such as Confirmation Service, Mother’s Day, and the Baccalaureate Service, coming up that we must support but we also want to build momentum and to have strong attendance before our new pastor comes. My guess is that Rev. Prather is reading our newsletter on-line just as I am reading the Madison UMC newsletter. He needs to see that we are doing well and that we are faithful and active as we await his arrival. Please commit yourself to these next weeks of worship to, first and foremost, give God the glory, but also to be present and invested through this time of transition.

            We will continue in our ABC’s of Christianity sermon series at our traditional services this Sunday. This past Sunday we looked at Proverbs 29:18 and talked about the importance of studying and being under the authority of God’s Word. One of the sarcastic phrases one can hear a lot today when someone shares their opinion about what they think is, “Do you think or do you know?” Our culture values what we think and how we feel about things. As important as that is for Christians and for Wesleyans, Proverbs reminds us that, ultimately, we are to know and to live under the revelation of God, His Word.  

            Our fore-father, John Wesley said, “God Himself has condescended to teach the way…He hath written it down in a book. O give me that book! At any price, give me the book of God! I have it: here is knowledge enough for me. Let me be “homo unius libri ( a man of one book).”…The Scripture therefore of the “Old and New Testament,” is a most solid and precious system of divine truth. Every part thereof is worthy of God; and all together are one entire body, wherein is no defect, no excess. It is the fountain of heavenly wisdom, which they who are able to taste, prefer to all writings of men, however wise, or learned, or holy.” The write of Proverbs 29 echoes that sentiment, “Where there is no vision/revelation, people perish.” Let’s read all kinds of authors and listen to many voices, but let us also be a church and families and friends and persons under and of one book. See you Sunday!

In Christ, Rev. Barry Male, Jr.