FUMC New Albany | 207 East Bankhead | New Albany, MS 38652 | (662) 534-2206

From the Pastor

Dear Church Family,

What an incredible morning of worship we had last Sunday! The music was especially powerful, and the Holy Spirit was indeed moving through our congregation. I can’t thank you enough for the warm reception you have given our family.

As I walked through the church visiting Sunday School classes, I was deeply impressed by what I saw as the people of God were gathered in prayer and study. I very much enjoyed my brief visits, and upon returning to my study after the 11 a.m. service I discovered that one of our elementary classes had placed a stack of homemade welcome cards by my door. Lucy King even made me a paper airplane!

My morning sermon touched on getting out of our comfort zones and following God. One of our youth, Allyson Chapin, did so in a mighty way as she sang her first solo in our early service. Thank you, Allyson, for that wonderful gift. You inspired me with your courage and willingness to lead us in worship.

Again, thank you for making our first week in New Albany so very special. The warm greetings, kind affirmations, pounding with gift cards, fresh tomatoes, and paper airplane all made our first week as your pastoral family simply splendid.