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From the Pastor

Dear Church Family, 

            I am expecting that our church family had a wonderful day of worship this past week. I have been on vacation and will be back this Sunday, March 20, for our Palm Sunday services. I am very thankful to Rev. Greg Smith, Mary Beth Muncie and Martha Frances Monroe for their leadership for this past Sunday and I am trusting that those who shared their music to lead us in worship greatly blessed us.

            I ask for your prayers for my wife, Sara. She is currently in Brazil and will come home on Saturday, March 19. She became ill just before our mission trip last summer and could not go on our mission trip. She is speaking to and will be sending our greetings to the Vila Planalto Methodist church that we served on our mission trip last year. Sara will also be visiting with Rosicler Dos Passos, the missionary with Shade and Fresh Water Project, who visited our church two summers ago, as well as staying at and visiting the Shade and Fresh Water Project office. The best missions are always relational and I am so pleased that our church can continue to grow our relationship with this vital and important ministry.

            We have several wonderful services prepared for Holy Week. I am looking forward to having our Chancel Choir back with us on Maundy Thursday and to being led by their singing and the dramatic presentations. Please do your best to attend these services because we want to finish this Lenten season well and allow this season to do its work in our hearts and lives.

            Our Trustees have really been working hard recently. Our walkways have been pressure-washed and the windows of our sanctuary and main building have been cleaned. They have also just installed a new sound board in our sanctuary and an electric door at the maroon awning entrance which should be a blessing to many of our people. They have many more projects for this spring and summer. Please let them know of any ideas or concerns that you have but also share your thanks with them when you see them.

            We are blessed with so many people that are working very hard to bless us in worship, in our discipleship and with our facility. God has called us to many things as a church family so it definitely takes all of us praying, giving and serving. Thank you for how you are responding to His call. See you Sunday!