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From the Pastor

Dear Church Family,

Happy Easter! What an amazing weekend!! We were blessed with great attendance, wonderful music, and a beautifully decorated sanctuary throughout this Easter weekend. I want to thank Mary Beth Muncie, our Chancel Choir, Martha Frances Monroe, Barkley Rogers, the Adult Handbell Choir and Camille Barkley for their music at our traditional Easter services.  Special thanks go as well to our Worship Committee and Gracie Jackson (chairperson) for their work and to our staff for all of their extra effort to make our Easter services and activities so special.

            Our Chancel Choir, Parks Smith (narrator) and youth did an amazing job at our Maundy Thursday service. If you did not attend that service, please visit our church’s Web site (www.fumcnewalbany.com) to watch it because you will be deeply blessed. Thanks go to Amy Welborn and Greg Smith for working with our students, to everyone who worked on the incredible set design and to Mary Beth Muncie for her vision and leadership for this service.

            I was very pleased with our turnout for our Good Friday service. Mary Beth Muncie and Martha France Monroe blessed us with wonderful music and we always enjoy the time of worship and prayer we all share together on that holy day. Sabrina Hamilton and our many volunteers did a great job with the Easter Egg Hunt! We had a really good crowd with several visitors and Greg Smith led a devotional and sang with the children, too.

            I also want to thank our Embrace Praise Team, our Embrace Leadership Team and Rev. Greg Smith for all of their work for their first-ever Outdoor Embrace Easter Service at the Trial Head downtown. Many people from the service held a prayer walk and passed out flyers in several neighborhoods earlier in the week for this service. The event was highly attended and there were several visitors as well.

            Easter was also a difficult day for me as our District Superintendent and our Staff Parish Relations Committee chairperson, Dr. Kelton McClinton, shared news with our church family about my upcoming transition in June. However, I was very encouraged to hear that Rev. Tim Prather will be your new pastor in June. Announcements were made on Easter Sunday in all of the Methodist churches in Mississippi who are receiving a new pastor. Please be in prayer for my family in these coming months and let’s all be in prayer daily for Tim, his wife, Cheryl, and their two children as they finish their ministry in Purvis.

            We have much ministry, mission and worship together ahead of us. Let’s make the most of these coming months for the Lord. See you Sunday!

In Christ,
Rev. Barry Male, Jr.