Informational Meeting Monday Night

Hello, members and friends of FUMC,

I’ve heard some folks say they’re not in­terested in attending our Information Meeting about Disaff­iliation Monday Night (6:30) because they think it’ll be a debate/sho­uting match.

It won’t be. Here are two reasons why.

First, because for two mon­ths the Administrati­ve Council, at my re­quest, has bathed this gath­ering in prayer, specifically so it won’t become ugly. Forget the about the new roof from several yea­rs ago.

Second, because this is NOT a meeting for theolo­gical debate over Di­saffiliation. It’s to learn the Process for Disaffiliation.​

In the immortal words of Sgt. Joe Friday­,​ “Just the facts, Ma’­am.”

WHEN (if) a vote is taken on Disaffiliation (in Fe­bruary), it won’t be decided by the Ad Council. Or the Staff. Or the Pastors. The responsibility lies with the church members.
Monday’s gathering is a one-time opportu­nity to educate ourselves with the Facts of the process. That’s it.

Responsibility is a blend of two wo­rds, “Response”, and Ability”. It’s not something thrust on us, it’s something we take for ourselves.
How many of us have the ABILITY to be there Monday night to learn about this important proc­ess? I’d say there’s a high percentage of us who have the AB­ILITY.​
The question, then, is What will be our RESPONSE?​

I hope the Sanctuary is filled with members who ha­ve responded to their ability to come and be fully informed as we discern God’s Will for our great church!

As our founder, John Wesley, was fond of saying in difficult times, “Best of all, God is with us!”​

God is with us. I ho­pe you’ll be with us, too, Monday at 6:3­0, in the Sanctuary.
In Joy,