October is Pastor Appreciation Month

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 29, 2022

Greetings to you all,

As the weather begins to be kinder in temperatures, all of our spirits seem to be lighter, and during this season of celebration and thanksgiving, I would like to remind you all that October is the month for clergy appreciation. Originally known as Pastor Appreciation Month, it has since been broadened to include all​ clergy who serve our congregations, whether the “pastor” or in other supporting roles. Some congregations use this as a time to celebrate and appreciate all of their leaders and staff.​

The call to honor our church leaders’ contributions goes back to the time of Apostle Paul. As founder of many of the first Christian churches, Paul enjoined the congregation to give ‘double honor’ to the elders who managed the affairs of the church. He was especially concerned about honoring “those whose work is preaching and teaching.” Paul the apostle also entreated Christian communities to acknowledge those “who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord, and who admonish you.” He believed that holding these spiritual leaders “in the highest regard in love because of their work” is crucial to Christian beliefs.

While I know all of you make your clergy leaders feel special every week, we want to encourage you to take some special time during this month to let them know how much you love and appreciate all they do.​ Below are a few suggestions of ways to show the love.​ ​


  1. Write your clergy a simple note of thanks for their work and their ministry.
  2. Pray for your clergy and his/her family.
  3. Offer to take your clergy out for coffee or lunch.
  4. Have children of the church make cards for your clergy.​
  5. Send your clergy an email with an encouragement for the week.
  6. Offer to pray for your clergy IN worship on Sunday morning.
  7. Have different members offer a word of appreciation during worship each Sunday of the month.
  8. Get together with other families in the church to treat your clergy and their family to a gift card for a meal out or a treat!
  9. Offer to babysit for a night out or pet-sit for some time away.
  10. Bring your clergy something homemade and delicious to enjoy.
  11. Remind and gently encourage your clergy to make time for self-care and rest!
  12. Encourage your clergy to attend a retreat this year to renew and reset!


  1. Offer to take Communion to a homebound member, or call and check in with them.
  2. Help with a usual task, like tidying the sanctuary.
  3. Publicly support your clergy, and encourage your fellow members to do the same.
  4. Support the ministry of your pastor with your prayers, presence, gifts, service​ and witness.​ Nothing fills a heart with joy like members participating in ministry.
  5. If your pastor is looking for volunteers, step up and get involved.
  6. Schedule an intentional conversation with the pastor and ask for ways your can be involved and support the ministry you both share.

In whatever ways you choose to show your love and appreciation, know that it​ will mean more to your clergy than words could ever express.​


Rev. Trey Harper