First Choice Donations

We are not filling baby bottles with change now but we are accepting donations for the prevention of unplanned pregnancies. Please find it in your heart to help First Choice.


It’s never too late to make a contribution to the Gideons, especially after we received $1055 on Sunday and heard what a tremendous service they provide by making Bibles available to so many!!!

Just send or bring your donation to the office or you may earmark your check and drop it in the offering.

October 6 2022

Rice and Beans backpacks will be available in each service and the church office. Enclosed will be a sheet to mark age, gender, and inventory. Return to our church with $10 for shipping by Nov 13.

Continue to support Rice and Beans work in Costa Rica. This year we will be filling backpacks instead of boxes. The backpacks can be reused by the children.  There will be a sheet to mark age, gender, and inventory of contents. Enclose $10 for shipping. Go Live Love

Contact Mary Tate

Rice & Beans Missions