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The Pastor’ Pen

By the time you read this, we may very well be in Lent. If you happen to read this article on Wednesday, then I encourage to you to drop everything you are doing and make plans to attend our Ash Wednesday service at 6 p.m.

Ash Wednesday kicks off the Lenten season, and we receive ashes on our foreheads as a sign of our own sinfulness and mortality, but also as a reminder that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is more powerful than either of these. Our task during Lent is to repent and believe the Gospel.

Here’s how I invite you to experience a holy Lent during these next 40 days.

  1. Eat—Each Sunday the Lord offers us a tremendous feast. It’s called worship, and when we miss we really miss out. We will never know what God had in store for us on that day. During these Sundays leading up to Easter Day, make it a point to be in worship. You will be surprised what this simple commitment will do for your soul.
  1. Pray—Find space every day to spend time in prayer. Pray alone, read the Bible, use a devotional guide such as the Upper Room. Just make some extra space in your life every day for God. Cultivating deep and loving relationships takes work. Our love of God is no different.
  1. Love—Make it a point to do something special for someone. Find a mission project, do random acts of kindness, just love people without any agenda. Be the hands and feet of Christ to someone.

You may notice that my suggestions have been arranged around the words “eat,” “pray,” and “love.” There’s a movie by a similar name, right? One point I want you to take from this article is that our experience of Lent (and Christianity for that matter) can and should be so much deeper than any cultural expression of spirituality. During these next 40 days, if we eat together (worship), pray together (personal devotion), and love together (service), these will truly be holy days.

And if they do turn out to be holy days for us, then we will surely experience authentic, unrestrained Easter joy. May it be so.