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The Pastor’s Pen

It has been a busy few weeks around the church, and it has been a busy few weeks for both Jill Shaw and Thomas Toole! Last weekend at Annual Conference, Jill was commissioned as a provisional deacon. This means that she is now a “reverend” and has the authority to officiate at weddings and funerals. Congratulations, Jill! We are proud of you!

Also, at Annual Conference, Thomas received his license for ministry as a local pastor. This means that he is now a “reverend” and has authority to officiate at weddings, funerals, and holy communion. Congratulations, Thomas! We are proud of you!

We are so very blessed to have Jill and Thomas on our church staff. They bring excitement and an eagerness to see others grow in faith. Please tell them “Congratulations!” the next time you run into them.

I will be out much of the month of July as I’m taking two weeks of my annual vacation along with two weeks of study leave. The Staff-Parish Relations Committee has asked me to take two weeks of study leave each year. This is a time for spiritual renewal, prayer, study, and working ahead on sermon themes. My goal is to come back with sermon ideas through the end of the year! I know this will make Mary Beth and Martha Frances’ work easier in their worship planning, and I’m thankful to work with an SPRC that understands the importance of both retreat and planning.

Want a head start on Sunday? Read Romans 5:  1-5. See you Sunday in worship!