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The Pastor’s Pen

It is exciting to be starting our Wednesday night suppers and programing.  These provide us with a great opportunity to meet and eat with our church family mid-week, for education for our children, for taking the midweek offering of Holy Communion, and for spiritual growth opportunities for our youth and adults.

First, I cannot say enough about the importance of Christian fellowship, as a much needed support for each of us.  Being together to share our lives and concerns is what the kingdom of God is all about.  God is supremely wise and designed us to lean on each other for fellowship, knowing we cannot grow in our spiritual life alone.  Please make a reservation for your family to participate in this gathering of supper and study.

I want to tell you a little more about the study I will be offering.  It will offer an in- depth look at prayer as a path to spiritual growth and deepening discipleship.  Prayer is essential to our communion with our God, yet many Christians who wish to have an active prayer life find that they do not know what to pray for or if God is answering.  This study will include a mix of study, discussion and practice of different kinds of prayer and the art of listening to God.   I anticipate a small group setting, which will allow for earnest discussion about prayer practices.  You, however, will not be expected to share beyond your comfort level. Please join me for a time of deepening your discipleship with prayer.

See you on Wednesday nights,