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The Pastor’s Pen

I want to challenge you to be in worship for the next six weeks! That’s right! Every Sunday. No exceptions.

“Pastor, what’s the big deal?” Well, I’m glad you asked!

Each year I like to preach a Fall Discipleship Series so that we can really drill down and talk about the things that make a disciple of Jesus Christ. What do disciples do? What makes discipleship different from church membership? Starting this Sunday, come and see!

Also, I want to update you as to the status of our Education Building debt. At present, we owe approximately $908,567.00. With our second capital campaign coming to an end this December, our Finance Committee has decided to place the full cost of our building payments into the church budget for 2020.

Of course, this means that we will each need to pray about the level of generosity the Lord is calling us to. Remember, the baseline for biblical giving is the tithe, or 10% of one’s income. I have no doubt that our congregation will respond with unbelievable generosity. FUMC has always risen to the occasion when met with financial obligations.

Please be in prayer over the next several weeks about what God is calling you to give for 2020. I know that when we bring our gifts to the altar on Commitment Sunday, October 20, the baskets will be filled to overflowing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the love you have for our church!