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The Pastor’s Pen

We are in the middle of our Fall Discipleship Series on Sunday mornings during worship. Last Sunday I preached on the importance of being present for church. Of course, this means actually being present for worship (as in showing up!). Because when we miss worship, we miss the holy opportunity to give Christ the praise and prayer that he is due. Is Christ worthy of your weekly attendance?

But being present can mean something else. We all know that we can be present in a conversation without being fully present. This can happen to us in worship, too. We can be present but not fully available to God. Here are some ideas on how to be fully-present when you are in worship.

Pray Before You Arrive—Before coming to worship, make sure you have prayed about the worship opportunity. Thank God for the opportunity to worship, and ask God to move in the lives of those present. Make sure you pray!

Engage—Make sure you are engaged in the worship service. Yes, that means saying the Apostles’ Creed and praying, but it also means singing. Congregational singing is one of the most powerful parts of any worship service. When we are silent, we really miss out on what is perhaps our best opportunity to really bless God. Make sure you engage!

Listen for a Word from the Lord—During the service, carefully listen to what God is trying to say to you. We often think of the sermon as the only place that this can occur, but great fruit is also found in the words of hymns or our corporate prayer time. Make sure you listen!

Remember that worship is the most important thing we do as a community of faith. And remember that Christians are to worship weekly. If we PRAY, ENGAGE, and LISTEN, we are sure to make the experience all that it can be!

I can’t wait for Sunday! Why am I so excited? Come and see!