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The Pastor’s Pen

This past Sunday I preached out of Malachi and on the touchiest of topics: giving. During Malachi’s time, the people of Israel were somewhere between complacent and completely turned away from God. One thing that God held against them was their failure to tithe. In fact, God says that His people were “robbing” Him of His tithes.

Ouch. I’m pretty sure that was the response when Malachi first relayed God’s message to the people.

Friends, tithing is our biblical responsibility, and tithing involves doing something very simple and direct with our finances. We take the first 10% of what we earn and return it to God. Tithing pleases God, and it brings us incredible blessings in the process.

Will you take a step-up toward tithing this year? If you are giving at 2%, will you increase your giving to 3%? If you are giving at 4%, will you move to 5%? You will be blessed, your church will be blessed, and God will be pleased. That’s a pretty good return on investment!

Simply, start giving at the level you can, and then each year increase it a percentage or two. Eventually, you will be tithing!

October 20 will be our Commitment Sunday and at all three services, we will bring our 2020 financial commitments to the altar. I know that I can count on you to be in prayer about what your commitment will look like.

What else do disciples of Jesus Christ do? Come Sunday and see!


P.S. This past Sunday we had our annual church picnic, and what a great time we had! A special thank you to Eli and Amy Whiteside for hosting, and thanks as well to everyone who helped with the planning, food, and music. I can’t wait until next year’s picnic!