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The Pastor’s Pen

It’s football season! And whether you yell “Hail State,” “Hotty Toddy,” or “Southern Miss To The Top,” we all get excited about our college football teams.

All teams have playbooks. The best teams learn to execute their playbooks with pinpoint precision.  They know what they are supposed to do, and they do it.

Here’s the question: What does a disciple of Jesus Christ do?

Certainly, we who follow Jesus have a playbook as well. There are things that we are called to do as we follow Christ. These actions transform us, make us different, and lead us to abundant life here and now. But what are they? What does a disciple of Jesus do?

Over the next five weeks we will be asking this very question in our Sunday morning worship services. I’m calling this our Fall Discipleship Series, and it will culminate on Sunday, October 23 with Consecration Sunday. This is the day we will come forward during worship and make commitments for the coming year in terms of our service and financial commitments.

I believe that revisiting the all important question of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ will better prepare us to make commitments for 2017. Please make every effort to be in worship on each of these five Sundays. I know that the Lord will bless your intentionality and faithfulness.

Friends, the Holy Spirit is moving through our community of faith. May we all join in the movement!