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The Pastor’s Pen

This past Sunday we talked about witness. What does it mean to be a good witness for Christ? What does it mean to tell other people about Jesus?

I quoted this statistic given to me from a pastor friend: The average United Methodist invites someone to church once every 33 years! That exclamation point is not for excitement. It’s for shock! Now, the truth is I don’t know if the number is that high, but I’m sure it’s higher than we would like it to be.

So let me ask: When is the last time you invited someone to join you at church? We live in a county with plenty of unchurched people who desperately need a connection to Christ and His Church. Will you invite someone to come with you this week?

Remember that this coming Sunday is Commitment Sunday. We will be bringing our 2020 financial AND ministry commitments to the altar to be blessed by God. Please be in prayer about what God is asking you to give and where He’s asking you to serve.

It’s true that the biblical standard for giving is the tithe (10%). However, let God meet you where you are as you work toward a tithe. If you are currently giving at 2%, increase your giving to 3%. If you are currently giving at 5%, increase your giving to 6%. With a commitment to grow your giving in this systematic way, you’ll be tithing before you know it!

But will you join me this week in prayer? Pray for our church. Pray for our stewardship campaign. Pray that we will have the needed resources committed so that we may continue the great ministry that happens at FUMC every day.

Know this: You are loved and appreciated! See you Sunday!