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The Pastor’s Pen

Last Sunday we talked about prayer. What do disciples of Jesus do?

Well, one thing disciples do is pray. In our worship services we talked about how Christian prayer is confessional, conversational, consistent, and confident in nature. A prayer life with these attributes leads to a deep and abiding relationship with God. That is the life I want for you, and that is the life I want for our church.perhaps you feel as though you need a little more guidance in your praying. Consider the ACTS model. It is a simple formula that can help direct our thoughts as we pray.

A—Adoration—Tell God how much you love Him. Tell God how great, holy, merciful, and good He is. As you begin your time of prayer, give God praise and adoration.

C—Confession—Let God know that you are sorry for the sin in your life. Be specific in asking God to forgive you for things you have done that you shouldn’t have as well as things you have left undone that He would have liked for you to do. Also ask God for the grace of repentance, that you will be able to turn from sin and lead a holy life.

T—Thanksgiving—Thank God for everything that is good in your life and for the many ways He has blessed you. What is going well today? Look for even the simple things.

S—Supplication—This is a big word that simply means “asking for something.” Pray for others who may be sick, suffering, or in some kind of trouble, but don’t be hesitant to pray for yourself as well. Are you ill or struggling? This is the time for taking it to God.

Trust that God not only hears our prayers, but that He also knows how to answer our prayers. Disciples of Jesus Christ pray. What else do they do? We’ll talk more about that this Sunday morning. Come and see!