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The Pastor’s Pen

We begin Lent this week with tonight’s Ash Wednesday service. I hope to see you in the sanctuary tonight at 6:30 p.m. as we kick-off the Lenten season. Which brings me to a question…

Are you prepared for Lent? Have you decided what you are going to give up? Of course, the reason we abstain from something is to have a daily reminder of our need for God. I often joke with people that I’m giving up watermelon or ballroom dancing for Lent (The joke being that you don’t really eat watermelon this time of year anyway, and when’s the last time I’ve done any sort of dancing?). Indeed, our “giving up” of something needs to be a little more challenging! But it is always, always to remind us of and help us focus on God.

Perhaps you’d rather try something else this Lent. Rather than give something up, how about taking something on? In worship this past Sunday I suggested that we take on reading the Bible every day. Start with the Gospels, and let Jesus’ life and words speak to you. Who knows? This daily holy time during Lent just might become a habit that extends to the rest of the year!

I do pray that you experience a holy Lent. This important season of the church year can be a time of great renewal and transformation. May it be so for you! May it be so for our entire community of faith!