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The Pastor’s Pen

Since our return to in-person worship a few weeks ago, it has been an absolute joy seeing some of our congregation. I can’t tell you how much
more enjoyable preaching is when you have actual people in the room
with you!
Yet, I understand that many of our members are still not ready to come
back to in-person worship. As your pastor, I want you to know that during
this time of pandemic, watching our Sunday service online is a Godhonoring option. Please don’t feel any guilt whatsoever about the need to stay home on Sunday mornings. The coronavirus is a real threat to public
health, and we must not let our guard down as cases continue to rise in
our state.
This Sunday will be Youth Sunday, and the tradition is for our seniors to
each give a short address to the church. I have always found this unique
sermon time to be very meaningful. Know that the youth will be leading
in both of our services, and trust that you will be blessed by their leadership and words whether you are at our in-person worship or joining us
from home.
Please feel free to call the church (or me directly) with any needs or concerns. Know that you are in my prayers and deeply loved.