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The Pastor’s Pen

We celebrated All Saints this past Sunday, remembering those in the congregation who have departed this life for the Church Triumphant over the past year. It’s a solemn, emotional service that should remind us of all the great Christians who built the congregation that we now call home.

I want you to think about a word. Are you ready? The word is “legacy.” We stand on the shoulders of giants—people who formed a Methodist congregation so many years ago, people who built a beautiful sanctuary for us in which we now worship, people who taught the Holy Scriptures to the next generation, people who passed saving faith in Christ along to others. The word is “legacy.” And that is exactly what the saints of our church have left.

Now let me ask you a question: What type of legacy do you want to leave the church? What type of legacy do you want to leave the next generation of believers?

Our fall stewardship campaign is winding down, and this is one way you can make sure you truly leave a legacy for others. Supporting God’s work in our church makes sure we remain a strong a vibrant congregation for years to come. Will you join with us and make a financial commitment to the 2021 Ministry Budget?

To date, we have received 113 pledges totaling  $672,590. Of these, 9 are new commitments and 33 indicated an increase over last year’s giving. Unfortunately, there are 55 pledges from last year totaling  $218,960 that have NOT been renewed.

In order for our Ministry Budget to remain the same for 2021, we will need more participation. Please return your commitment card to the church or call and let Martha Rainey or me know your level of commitment for next year.

I know that you will be in prayer about your giving. Trust that you are always in my prayers and that you are loved and appreciated!