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The Pastor’s Pen

It felt so wonderful to be get back to in-person worship last Sunday! How great it is to come together as a church family and worship God!

Of course, there are those who are still worshiping at home out of an abundance of caution. There are some good reasons to do this. Obviously, if you are waiting to be fully-vaccinated, it’s probably a good idea to consider virtual worship during this time. Know this: Worshiping at home via the internet is a God-honoring option during this time of pandemic.

And yet, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. I hear from more and more people each day who have had at least one dose of their vaccine and plan to be in worship as soon as they have full immunity. I’ve talked to many young adults who are ready to get back to worship ASAP. Indeed, we are all eager to “come home” to FUMC New Albany!

But let’s continue to be safe and practice the things we know to work: handwashing, social-distancing, and mask wearing. Add the available vaccines to the list and we are sure to have a winning combination!

In the next few weeks, let’s try to build some momentum with worship attendance. If it is safe for you to be in church, please come worship with your brothers and sisters in Christ. If you are at all uneasy about public worship, then, by all means, please continue to participate online. I’m excited about returning to in-person services, and I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold for our congregation!