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The Pastor’s Pen

Thomas here! I would like to spend a few moments talking about lent. Secondly, I want to update you on confirmation as we get on into spring.

Lent was not something that I actively participated in growing up. It was not something that the church I grew up in overtly observed, nor was the word lent in our vocabulary. So, in college when I began attending a United Methodist Church, I was initially taken back by the ashes being placed on folk’s foreheads and by the giving up of certain foods for the 40 days leading up to Easter. I knew about the sorrow that Easter addressed, but I was confused about why “those Methodists” acted it out during lent. To me, it seemed that Christ had taken away our sorrow once and for all on the cross, and why would we be going back to that place? Why do we enter back into the sorrow that Christ defeated?

I was challenged by a mentor to think about this from a new mindset. Lent is the time where we remember that we are broken creatures. We remember how badly and desperately we need salvation. We need salvation from sin and death. We need salvation from ourselves. We need God to do something miraculous on our behalf. I see now that lent is a time to remember and cry out to God. For all the ways we begin to believe that we can do this life without God, lent comes and reminds us that our best attempts fall short.

My challenge to you is this. Wherever you are in your Lenten observance, take a moment each day to stop and remember. Remember your baptism. Remember and recount the moments God showed up for you in your darkest hour. Remember your salvation. Amen.

Confirmation is blowing and going. I know that most of you are not able to see the behind the scenes of confirmation, but know that the 6 confirmands are doing great. They are asking questions and exploring what it looks like to own their faith. They are meeting one on one with their mentors and going deeper into how God is moving in their lives. Judy is again releasing their names and their mentors in this blue letter so that you can pray for each of them by name during this crucial time in their lives. Confirmation is one of the most tangible and vital means of discipleship that we do in the Church. May God bless this year’s class. Amen.