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The Pastor’s Pen

As you read this, we are likely in the midst of Holy Week, a week that has always been a sobering reminder for me of all that Jesus endured for us. He was rejected by the political and religious elite, the cheering crowds eventually turned on him, he agonized over what was to come in the garden, and his closest friends left, denied, and betrayed him.

Holy Week is a tough week, and, if we let it do its job on us, then we’ll find ourselves a bit more spiritually introspective for being willing to take this journey with Jesus. Where have we left Jesus, denied Jesus, or betrayed Jesus ourselves? How are we like those first disciples?

But the story doesn’t end with denial and betray, does it? No way. We know the rest of the story!

Jesus was indeed killed on a Roman cross and laid in a tomb, but he didn’t stay there.
Indeed, on the third day, that first Easter morning, he walked out of the tomb that had quickly been prepared for him. This Sunday we’ll be singing two Easter favorites: “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” and “Up from the Grave He Arose.” When you come to worship, I invite you to sing with all you have this great, Easter joy!

So, if you are reading this on Thursday—Happy Holy Week. Let the story move you.

But if you are reading this a bit later, perhaps it’s more appropriate to go ahead and say, “Happy Easter!” And again, let the story move you. For what happened on that first Easter morning was nothing less that amazing. And, as the hymn writer noted, so is God’s grace.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Holy Week and Happy Easter! May the story move you!