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The Pastor’s Pen

If you missed Thomas’ sermon this past Sunday, then you really missed something! It was all about “bearing witness,” and I invite you to view this good word to us as all of our worship services are archived on both Facebook and the church website.

One thing that struck me was Thomas’ question: What and where is your Jerusalem? The notion here is that we are first called to reach those closest to us.

And yet, as I heard from another pastor last week, we are so often more focused on Judea, Samaria, and beyond than we are our own “Jerusalem.” How true! Sometimes it’s just easier to think about reaching others in foreign countries than it is our own town and in our own families. However, we are called to all of it. Our work must be complete.

So, let’s start with our “Jerusalem.” Who are you called to reach in your family or in our town? Who are you called to bear witness to with the Good News of Jesus Christ? Because, friends, if you are a Christian, then you are called to this work.

I invite you to begin with prayer. Pray for God to place someone on your heart that needs to hear of his love and grace. I promise you that if you pray this prayer, God will be faithful and that you will get a name (maybe more than one!). Prayer is the foundation of evangelism, and we must bathe our faith-sharing work in prayer. Pray, pray, pray!

And then we get to the doing. We share our faith. We share good news. As Thomas said this past Sunday, we share what we know. We share what God is doing in our lives with people who so desperately need to hear some good news. That, friends, is bearing witness to our Resurrected and Living Lord.

Let’s get to work!!!