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The Pastor’s Pen

These past two weeks in worship we’ve been heavy on faith-sharing and evangelism. That’s a wonderful thing, and there’s no need to apologize for it! Simply, we must realize the urgency of the Gospel. Friends, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is urgent, good news! People are lost without it, and we should want all of our friends, family, and everyone else in our lives to have a close relationship with Jesus. We know what he can do for them because we know what he’s done for us!

Let’s make sure we are bathing our faith-sharing efforts in prayer. Ask God to give you not only an opportunity to witness to someone but also the courage needed for the task when the opportunity arises. If we are bold enough to pray these prayers, God will be faithful and supply not only the opportunity to share our faith but also the courage needed to do so.

And remember, what we are really doing as we share our faith with others is simply telling what we know. We are telling others about our story. We are telling them how Jesus has made a difference in our lives. As Thomas said a few weeks ago, we simply tell what we know.

That’s it. We don’t get someone in a theological headlock so that they will agree with us on every jot and tittle of theology. We tell what we know. We tell of our experience with Jesus. We tell what he’s done for us.

Friends, so many people in our community and world need a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Think of all the cars that stay in the driveway on Sunday mornings rather that come to worship. Think of the people who have never even had someone explain the Gospel clearly to them. This should move our hearts to compassion.

If you have a passion or even a mild interest in learning more about faith-sharing and evangelism, please shoot me a text or call me at (662) 266-7778. I’m looking for 10 people to commit to win one person to Christ over the next year. I promise we will grow in our prayer lives and even have some fun along the way..

As this newsletter is being printed, I have had one person contact me. Will you be one of the other nine?