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The Pastor’s Pen

What is Sunday School? Well, it all started in late 18th Century England when concerned Christians organized a “Sabbath School” for poor and uneducated children. The classes were held on Sundays, the children’s only day off from work. The Sunday Schools usually provided clean clothes and learning materials, and the instruction included lessons in reading, writing, hygiene, and good citizenship.

However, by the early 1800’s, the purpose of the Sunday School began to change. The new focus was religious and biblical teaching, and the first national Sunday School campaign in the United States began in 1824. Its stated purpose was to “organize, evangelize, and civilize.”

Much has changed in the modern Sunday School in most churches. For our congregation, the Sunday School has become the primary place where the Bible is taught. It is also a place for everyone—adults, youth, and children—to find friendship, support, and care in times of need. If you are not currently active in a Sunday School class and would like to participate in these great blessings, please contact me and I will help you get plugged-in to a class.

However, if you are the parent or grandparent of a child or youth, it is vital that you get them involved in Sunday School. How can we learn unless someone teaches us? And on that note, I’m so happy to remind us all that we have many dedicated teachers who love our congregation’s children and seek to help them grow in biblical knowledge and wisdom.

Friends, the Bible is important, right? It’s the Word of God and foundational to who we are as Christians. So, let’s make sure we study it well and that we study it together. Call me today for help finding a Sunday School Class. You’ll be blessed by making this commitment to grow!