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The Pastor’s Pen (intended for Oct.19)

Three things struck me about our worship services this past Sunday. First, our children did a most excellent job in leading our services as we celebrated Children’s Sabbath. I particularly enjoyed Gina Grace Lesley’s duet with Martha Frances. What a great gift to us all!

Brother Greg challenged me with a new way to view the story of the widow’s mite. In this story, Jesus “noticed” a poor widow who approached the Temple’s offering box. She came forward and gave two copper coins, which were only worth about a penny. The point is not only that she gave all she had but that her heart was in her giving. This is the type of life that Jesus notices. Are our hearts in our giving and serving? This is an important question because disciples of Jesus Christ are “noticed” by how they live.

Lance Evans, the chair of our Finance Committee, gave a powerful testimony of the power of generosity. Telling how our community of faith has so richly blessed his family, Lance challenged us to find our weekly level of giving on the “step-up” chart that was inserted into every worship bulletin. He then challenged us to prayerfully consider taking a step up to the next level of giving. For most levels this is a weekly increase of giving that amounts to $10.00 (similar to what we might spend on lunch or a few tanks of gas).

As your pastor, I’d like to encourage you to examine the enclosed “step-up” chart. Find your current level of giving and consider taking a step up to the next level. Again, this likely means an additional weekly gift to God’s work that amounts to what we might spend on eating lunch at a restaurant.

Don’t think in terms of our church’s budget needs. Think about what God is calling you to give. If you aren’t tithing, consider increasing your giving year by year until you are there.

I look forward to worship this Sunday. We will bring our 2017 financial and ministry commitments to the altar at the close of every worship service. Will you join me in investing in God’s work in our great church?