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The Pastor’s Pen

I believe that summer is indeed here. I’m actually writing to you on Monday of this week, and, when I first stepped outside this morning, the warm air hit me like an oven!

As the pandemic continues to wane, summer is surely something to celebrate. Major League ballparks are opening to full capacity, music venues are making plans to
do the same, and most of us are enjoying so many outdoor activities this year. Yes, let’s celebrate summer!

We’ve also had an uptick in worship attendance. My guess is that many people feel as though they’ve been cooped-up long enough and are ready to engage “normal”
life. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see people re-gathering for public worship. Those long months of virtual-only were really a drag for us all. It’s good to have the opportunity to be back, and it’s simply wonderful to see so many people each and every Sunday.

What I’m getting to here is a very straightforward “ask.” Friends, if you have not yet been back to public, in-person worship, and if you have not yet committed to
making this a part of your weekly schedule, it’s time. The vaccine is widely available now, and my guess is that a great majority of our congregation has been vaccinated. There’s little reason left to stay home each and every Sunday.

We are so fortunate to have inherited such a great church from the saints who came before us. And know this: it’s our responsibility to build on what they have given
us. We are doing well as a congregation, but we need to continue to regather ALL of our Sunday morning worshipers. It’s time.

Will you come home?

Trust that you are in my prayers as you discern your faithful next steps in terms of worshiping God. Know that being your pastor is one of my highest honors in life.