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The Pastor’s Pen

Will you invite your one?

That’s a question I posed to our congregation this past Sunday, and, in terms of our discipleship, it’s an important one. Friends, we are all called to bear witness to Christ. We are all called to share Christ with others. We are all called to share the joy that Christ brings us with other people.

What I’m asking you to do is simple: Over the next year, will you pray about and work to bring one person to our community of faith? This can be a person who has never darkened the door of a church. This can be a person who has been away from church for a very long time. Or it might even be one of our church members who no longer attends worship.

I get excited when I think about the possibilities here. First, imagine what this would do for the life of our congregation if everyone did this! Talk about transformation! But honestly, I get even more excited when I think of what it will mean for those you will bring with you to our community of faith. I get excited about this because I know that as people begin to grow closer to Christ, lives will be changed.

So, over the next year, will you invite and bring your one? Blessing and transformation await! Know that I look forward to seeing you this coming Sunday as we examine the next topic in our Fall Discipleship Series!