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The Pastor’s Pen

The ginkgo trees outside the window of my church study are really showing out. Their leaves have transformed into a bright, vivid yellow, and my guess is that their performance isn’t nearly over. There will be more to come in the coming weeks!

If you want to see these beautiful trees, they are located on the garden side of the sanctuary. I’m sure you will agree with my assessment: They are magnificent and beautiful!

In fact, take some time to intentionally look around for God’s beauty in nature. He created this masterpiece, and one of the reasons that fall is my favorite time of year is that God’s creation really shows out. What are your favorite places to be and explore during the fall season?

The challenge, it seems, is to live a life that is balanced and unhurried enough to notice God’s handiwork. We get so busy with our daily schedules, work, and other responsibilities that we can forget to look for the beauty around us. So as God showers us with beauty over these next several weeks, take time to notice…

And then give him thanks and praise. Perhaps this will prepare our hearts for a meaningful Thanksgiving!