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The Pastor’s Pen

What a joyful day of worship we shared this past Sunday! Our music was wonderful as usual, and I particularly enjoyed hearing Nan Lawrence accompany our choir. Of course, it was also Commitment Sunday.

As a community of faith we all came forward to make financial and ministry commitments for 2017. I look forward to reporting a more complete picture of where we are in next week’s newsletter, but I can say with all certainty that our congregation has responded with incredible generosity thus far. Thank you!

In fact, I had a conversation Sunday afternoon with a long-time church member. She indicated that for years she had resisted turning in a financial pledge. Year after year went by, and she would refuse to participate. Of course, she was giving, but she didn’t want to make a commitment.

She indicated that for the first time on Sunday she turned in a completed pledge card. I asked her, “Well, how did it make you feel? Did you notice anything different?”

Her response was simple yet profound, “Joy.”

If you have already turned in your financial commitment for 2017, thank you so very much. Our congregation is blessed.

If you have yet to respond to this opportunity for faithfulness, please prayerfully consider what God would have you do. Know that commitment follows faithfulness, and that after commitment comes joy.

May God bless you in your generosity to His work in this place.