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The Pastor’s Pen

From the Pastor’s Pen

Dear Church Family,

It’s the first word to come to me. It’s been the finest word I could muster since I witnessed the beautiful sight.


To see the people of God stream down the aisles of our beautiful sanctuary and kneel at the altar for prayer was incredibly inspiring. I’ve heard the same word from many of you: Wow. The Holy Spirit was moving among us this past Sunday.

Our nation has many difficulties to work through: an anemic economy, racial tensions, and a divisive presidential election are just a few. And while I can in no way promise you that these will be resolved any time soon, I can promise you with all assurance that what you saw Sunday is the beginning of binding wounds and healing souls.

Henri Nouwen once called prayer “the only necessary thing.” More so than anything we can do with God, prayer is our direct connection to His will, heart, and way. When we pray, the time in prayer does not so much change God as it changes us. We finish our time in prayer a little changed, impacted by our encounter with a holy and loving God.

It’s exactly this transformation that powers us to do the very work of God. Daily prayer challenges and changes us. And friends, this is exactly what our country needs during these uncertain times.

Will you commit with me to pray for our community and nation? Over the next 30 days will you pray daily for at least 10 minutes? Will you pray that our collective wounds will be bound and our people healed?

Pray especially for Chief Robertson and all of our local law enforcement officers. The men and women who protect and serve our community deserve our greatest respect and support. They are a key component of what makes our city a safe and wonderful place to live.

Remember to pray 10 minutes each day for our community and nation. Who knows how many “wow” moments God may glean from our prayers?