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The Pastor’s Pen

You can’t drive to Memphis on I-22 (Highway 78)without first going by Holly Springs. In the same way, you can’t truly experience Christmas without first making your journey through Advent.

Now the question: What exactly is Advent?

Advent is a four-week season of the church year that precedes Christmas. From early on, it was a period of repentance and reflection. Similar to Lent, Advent is a time to pray and return to God. Asking God to make us holy, we renew our faith in Christ.

So during these next few weeks, make sure you give attention to your prayer and devotional life. Come to church weekly. Pray and read your Bible daily. Think about God constantly. Christ wants to draw near to you. Advent is the journey that helps him find us.

Then comes Christmas! What joy it is to celebrate the birth of our Savior. It is a strange story–God becoming human, choosing to spend his first night on earth in a cow stall.  But how glorious! This strange story crescendos with the salvation of our souls!

A note about Christmas Day: Arriving on Sunday this year, we will indeed have our weekly worship service. It will be a ONE Service at 10:30 a.m. We will not have Sunday School or The Connection that morning, just worship.

Also, our nursery will not be open Christmas morning. Children are encouraged to come in their pajamas and bring a toy. Yes, they will be excited. And yes, they are allowed to make as much noise in our sanctuary on Christmas morning as they would like. After all, let’s remember that we are celebrating the birth of a child!

Advent is here. Christmas is indeed coming. But Advent is here. Now.

What will you do to make Advent holy? How can it be a time that makes you holy?