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The Pastor’s Pen


I thought I’d use this week’s space to talk about several great things happening around our church…

Our Church’s Mission—This three-part series based around our church’s new mission statement started last Sunday when I addressed the verb “engage.” I talked about how the foundation of our ministry in the New Albany area must be the desire to “engage our community with love.” We must have a hunger to meet both physical and spiritual needs of the people we encounter every day.

This Sunday I will talk about the next phrase in our new mission statement that says our intention as members of this congregation is to “grow together in faith.” Once we come to faith in Christ, life is not a stagnant experience. We grow in faith and knowledge of God, and we do it together. If we aren’t growing, then we are…

Financial News—You no doubt saw the good news in the last few issues of our newsletter, but what a great thing it is to know that we finished 2016 in a strong way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our congregation set a record last year in the amount of money that was given to support the ministries of the church.

Also, you will no doubt see that we are off to a great start for the new year. In fact, we are ahead of schedule in terms of our giving, and we have received just over $720,000.00 in financial commitments for 2017. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity toward God’s work in this place. Your faithfulness is inspiring!

Building News—Just this morning I talked to the construction foreman, and he relayed to me all of the work that will be happening on the jobsite in the next few weeks. We are getting closer! It looks like our new children’s building will be completed in spring, and I can’t wait to see how this great new tool enhances our efforts to “grow” the faith of our children.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday when we talk about that most important verb: “grow.”