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The Pastor’s Pen

Disorder can be frustrating. Yet disorder for a time can also be the price of progress. As our building program nears completion, you have no doubt felt disordered and displaced from time to time.

From my perspective, the members of our congregation could not have been more flexible and understanding during this project. I know that our Young Adult Sunday School Class was displaced from their meeting room this past Sunday. However, they quickly gathered in the church office and charged onward with their lesson.

Know that I deeply appreciate your patience and faithfulness during this stressful time. When will our new Children’s Building be ready? Well, that’s the million-dollar question!

I do know a group led by Gracie Jackson is working on the design and furnishing of the chapel. Jennie Davis and Lee Waldrop are leading the effort to refurbish the wooden furniture before it is placed back into the children’s classrooms. It seems like every day someone is stepping forward to move us just a bit closer to the finish line. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

While I don’t have a firm time frame from our builder on when we will be moving back into the Children’s Building, the best guess I’ve been told is sometime in April. Won’t it be fitting for us to experience this joy during the Easter season?