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The Pastor’s Pen

You have no doubt heard the news. WTVA has reported that one of our area’s large United Methodist churches has decided to leave our denomination. Also attempting to leave our connection is a large church in Southaven. While I cannot begin to understand all of the reasons behind these two decisions and I have no idea how these situations will be resolved, I can with absolute certainty assure you of several things:

1. Our congregation will continue to be the faithful church God is calling us to be regardless of what happens outside the city limits of New Albany, MS. We are family, and we will continue to love one another and love our community. What happens elsewhere in the world is rather inconsequential in light of this reality.
We will be the salt and light Jesus says we are
2. We will remain a faithful United Methodist Church.Our congregation will continue to be loyal to the teachings of our denomination, and we will continue to be the welcoming church that God wants us to be. All are welcome.

3. I will continue to preach and teach the Bible. God’s Word is a lamp and a light. We need it, and my goal is for us to feast on it during every worship service.

4. I will continue to have a white-hot passion for making disciples of Jesus Christ. We will do so as a community of faith by “engaging our community with love, growing together in faith, and sending forth disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Quite simply, nothing has changed for us. The news concerning the two churches broke, and the next morning I woke up a Methodist. You did, too, and we will continue our work together. Know that I am honored to be your pastor. If you ever have questions about what you encounter in the news or social media concerning our United Methodist Church, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Remember, we have a
wonderful, vibrant community of faith. Nothing is going to change that!