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The Pastor’s Pen

I have a God-sized, audacious goal.

Here goes: I want every member of our church connected in some way to a small group of other believers. Coming to worship isn’t enough to grow your faith. Certainly, coming to worship irregularly won’t get us where we really need and want to be spiritually. We need a connection to others. We need relationships that are deeply spiritual in nature and challenge us to become stronger disciples.

What is a small group? Well, it can be a Sunday School Class, a choir, Bible study, or other regular gathering that places you in relationship with others. Small group encounters help to ensure that your faith remains vibrant and growing.

Our Staff-Parish Relations Committee has recently had productive discussions regarding the best way to grow disciples in our church. In the coming weeks, we will begin looking for a Director of Discipleship Ministries. This exciting work will include strengthening the small group discipleship opportunities we already have (like Sunday School) and also create new pathways for people to engage in spiritual growth (like small groups). While the work will focus mostly on adult spiritual formation, I anticipate this person to be an encourager of our children and youth programs as well.

This is exciting. Imagine what our community of faith would look like in three years if….
– Every Sunday School Class grew at just one member per year…
– We started a new Sunday School Class each of these next three years…
– We developed a connection of small groups for people who desire to meet at a time other than                        Sunday morning…
–  We found that we had 10 ongoing small groups at the close of these three years.

Would our hearts be more aligned with Christ? Would our church be stronger and even more vibrant than it is today? You bet. That’s what happens when we make the decision to grow our faith together.

So friends, that’s my God-sized, audacious goal. I want every member of our church engaged in some type of faith formation. I want this blessing for you.

Impossible? Let’s see what God can do…