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The Pastor’s Pen

What a wonderful Holy Week!

I was very moved by our Holy Thursday and Good Friday services. The music was incredibly powerful, and the Holy Spirit touched many of our lives. These services are darker in tone by virtue of the events they commemorate. That is intentional and helps us to further reflect on the great sacrifice that the Lord made for us.

And yet, as dark as those services are, light began to break through as the weekend progressed. I suppose it began at the Good Friday luncheon. The conversation and fellowship among the community of faith was special, and the food was certainly a wonderful enticement to stay and chat for a while. We were especially honored to have Bishop Bill McAlilly and his wife Lynn not only attend both Holy Week services but also join us for lunch on Friday.

Saturday brought more light. We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Creekmores with around 50 children participating. It really was a good time together, and the children were precious in their cute outfits and Easter baskets.

Later that day I was reflecting on all of this. Sitting on my front porch—just resting, thinking, and reading—I saw a most entertaining sight. Two bunny rabbits had emerged from the woods across the street. They were chasing each other across Mrs. Laura Bostwick’s front yard. Looping and stopping, circling again. It was quite a treat to watch them.

The simple playfulness of those two Easter bunnies was sheer joy to take in. And it hit me: Light is breaking into this dark world. Sure, Thursday and Friday were indeed pretty dark. But we don’t stay in darkness forever. Jesus comes to us bringing joy.

Our first Easter with you brought our family great joy! The count was 573 for Easter Day worship. The music was beautiful, the spirit of the congregation was loving, and I know we all left knowing that the light and joy of Easter is not reserved for one day only. No, we live in it daily. For us, every day is Easter.

That’s why I know you’ll be in church again this Sunday, the Second Sunday of Easter. We will do it all over again.