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The Pastor’s Pen

This Sunday is a big day in the life of our church. I mean a really, really big day.

Confirmation is not a day to be taken lightly. It’s serious. It’s important. What happens this Sunday will have ripples throughout eternity.

It has been a pleasure to get to know the 11 young people who will be coming forward to make their profession of faith in Jesus Christ. And make no mistake about it, for that is exactly what each young person will be doing.

They have studied together and prayed together. They have each met with either Bro. Greg or me and we have had wonderful conversations about their faith in Christ and commitment to him. These young people know full well what they are getting into, and they are ready.

As a church family, we need to be there to support them. Make sure worship attendance is on your calendar for this Sunday. If you attend another service, consider ALSO attending the 11 a.m. service so that you can be present and supportive of our confirmation class. Friends, this is a really, really big day. The angels will be rejoicing in heaven over the faith of these young people. We should do the same.

I’ll be preaching from the Emmaus Road story in Luke 24: 13-35. What does this story say to the confirmation class? What does this story say to you and me? Come and see! Come and hear!