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The Pastor’s Pen

Dear Church Family,

Curiosity is a gift.

Many have been wondering what in the world is going to come of our Sunday night emphasis on small groups. As you know, several months ago our church’s leadership decided to move away from a Sunday evening service. Attendance had dwindled over the years, and it was decided that the formation of small groups would be a better way of encouraging people to grow in their discipleship.

Here are some details: We will kick-off our small groups on Sunday, September 11. There will be ample opportunity for you to register in the coming weeks, and while Sunday evening at the church may be a convenient time and place to gather, it certainly is not a requirement. Groups may meet at any time during the week, and they may gather at any place. One group may find a home at church on Sunday night while another may choose to meet at someone’s home on a weeknight.

Are you curious? Do you wonder if a small group opportunity might be just what you need to grow deeper in your faith?

Make sure you read next week’s article. I’ll be sharing how our new small groups may be different from other small group experiences you’ve had in the past.

Remember, curiosity is a gift. It raises our awareness that there could be something great right around the corner. Stay curious, my friends!