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The Pastor’s Pen

During this past Sunday’s sermon, I spoke of the importance and holiness of work. By virtue of our baptisms we are all called into ministry. When lived for the Lord, our daily lives truly make a difference in the world.

Since I first heard her name, I’ve been inspired by Robbie Ray. If you don’t yet know the story, Robbie made and sold pound cakes for years in our community. The proceeds went to the youth group, and Robbie was responsible for sending an untold amount of youth on trips and retreats.

When Robbie passed away, she left her recipe to Mary Jennifer Russell at Sugaree’s. The ministry continues as Mary Jennifer makes a donation to our youth program each year from the proceeds of Robbie’s pound cakes.

I received a letter this week from a woman in Wilmington, NC.  Ellen wrote to say that she had just read an article about Robbie and her pound cakes. She was inspired by the story and wanted to know if she could have the recipe. Martha Rainey directed me to a church cookbook, and there it was on page 107.  By the way, Ellen from Wilmington, NC had enclosed a check for $25.00 for our youth group.

All of this was made possible many years ago by a woman who chose to bake to the glory of God. This reminds me of Martin Luther’s exhortation to the dairymaids: “Milk your cows to the glory of God!” Or the time he told the cobbler: “Build great shoes and sell them at a fair price—to the glory of God!”

All good, honest work is holy. All of life, when lived for God, is holy.
+If you teach—teach to the glory of God!
+If you are a banker—bank to the glory of God!
+If you are a salesman—sell to the glory of God!
+If you repair things—fix them to the glory of God!
+If you bake—bake to the glory of God!

See you Sunday at worship—to the glory of God!