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The Pastor’s Pen

I love the church.

Those were the opening words of last Sunday’s sermon, and I mean them from the very bottom of my heart. By “church” I mean Christ’s “one, holy, and apostolic church.” I also mean this particular congregation. FUMC New Albany has welcomed and loved my family in wonderful ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

While our worship attendance has been incredible this year and while I believe that Sunday morning is the most important time during any congregation’s week, being the church means so much more.

It means mission—reaching out to others in love.

It means growing—placing ourselves in a place to let God work on us. Sunday School classes and small group Bible studies are the primary ways we do this at FUMC.

Being the church means being together, and I am so proud of how our community of faith is re-engaging Wednesday nights as a means of grace. Simply, when Christians gather to fellowship and eat with one another, special things begin to happen. People grow closer. Joy begins to envelope us and becomes contagious. I can’t begin to thank Amy Whiteside and her army of volunteers enough for what they are doing to make Wednesday nights special. These evenings are truly a source of life in our church.

On Wednesday nights children are taught the Bible and music, choirs rehearse, adults share life together through Bible study, and so many other great things happen along with the wonderful food and fellowship. If you haven’t gotten a chance to join your church family on Wednesday nights, come on out!

One more thing…

During my first year of ministry with you, one of my favorite events was the Church Picnic. I loved how we just came together to be together. There’s something very special in that. This Sunday we will be doing it again. The fun starts at 4:30 p.m. with jumpies and games for children and adults. We will eat at 5:30 p.m. with the church providing the meats and drinks. Please bring a dish to share if you can.

But most importantly, come to the Church Picnic. We will simply be the church by being together. Enjoying one another. Laughing with one another. Sharing life with one another. Oh, and there’s this little matter of a Ping Pong Tourney.

I can’t wait for the fun!