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The Pastor’s Pen

Our church picnic this past Sunday was absolutely fabulous. We all had such a fun time together enjoying food, games, and good fellowship. In fact, when I got home that evening I received a text from a newcomer to our church saying that their family had a spectacular time at the picnic and has found the perfect church family. They want to meet with me in the next week or so about joining our community of faith.


The picnic got me thinking about college football. Strange, right? I began to think about the story of Jake Olson, a long snapper for the USC Trojans, whose story is unique because he is blind. Olson actually snapped the last extra point during USC’s opening win over Western Michigan.

But he needed help. A teammate helped him run on and off the field. He received some help lining up correctly. While he provided an absolutely perfect snap, it was truly a team effort that concluded with smiles all around.

What does this have to do with church life? Well, we need each other.  Sometimes you may need me to get where you are going, and sometimes I may need you. That’s part of the beauty of being part of a community of faith. We have a team and a family.

I worry that an opportunity is being missed by some of our college students and their families. Thomas Toole told me this morning that he has yet to receive contact information for many of our college students for the Prayer Partners program. In fact, we have more people volunteering to be prayer partners than we do college students who have indicated a desire to have a prayer partner. Please don’t miss this opportunity to have your college student prayed for and loved. Remember, we need one another.

So the picnic got me to thinking about football. But what it really got me to thinking about is the sheer joy and beauty of a vibrant and loving community of faith. I can’t thank Tommy and Dot Shannon enough for hosting this wonderful event for our church family year after year.

It was good to see so many at the picnic this past Sunday. I look forward to our next family gathering—Sunday morning!