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The Pastor’s Pen

Dear Church Family,

I pray that you have been curious about the small group discipleship ministry that will be forming soon. Remember, curiosity is a gift!

I mentioned last week that September 11 will be our start date. I am proposing that we spend three months (September through December) in prayer and preparation for this new ministry. “Three Months of Prayer and Preparation” may be exactly what we need to make sure this vital new ministry gets off to a great start.

We will meet on Sunday evenings in the sanctuary for a time of prayer, teaching, and worship. As your pastors, Greg and I will not lead every aspect of our time together each and every week. We will share leadership with the fine lay leaders in our congregation. I know that you will be blessed by this rich time together, and I can only imagine the blessing the Holy Spirit intends to rain down on our church.

Can you imagine the power of 50 or more people gathered each and every Sunday evening for a time of prayer, preparation, and seeking God’s dream for our community of faith?

Our LMI (Lay Mobilization Group) will be meeting this Sunday evening. I look forward to being able to give you some very specific and exciting news about what’s coming this fall.

Stay curious.